400 Calorie Menu: What does it mean for you?


In growing our 400 Calorie menu, and expanding the options of it, we are faced with this challenge: what do we call it? 

For us, it’s not just about the calories.  And, we want to know what it means to you, our customers.  What are the reasons you choose to eat from this menu? 

We would love your feedback or thoughts that might generate a new way of viewing this menu.  Then we can come up with the right name for it.  Let us know your thoughts! 

  1. How about adding some more wheat and corn free items to your menu and bakery? I know those of us with food allergies would really appreciate it.

    I love your barley scones and cookies, but it would be nice to have a sandwich choice too. Have you considered adding spelt items to your menu? It’s a delicious alternative for food sensitive people.

    Also, while I’m asking, would it be possible to add rice or almond milk to your beverage options? Some of us have milk and soy issues too.

    Thanks for listening.

    Comment by M Shepard  on  10/17  at  9:30 am


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