A Jump-Start


With Christmas and Hanukkah over, lots of us will be making New Year’s resolutions of improving our health (either through more exercise, healthier eating habits, or possibly a combination of both) this next year.

Indulgences, every once in a while, are healthy for our bodies.  I am going to take the liberty of assuming that most (if not all) of us have indulged in some unhealthful foods these last few days (if not this last month).  Most of us have one more big celebration to finish up this year.  You guessed it, New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day.  We have just under a week, so why not get a jump-start on aiding our body back to a healthier place. 

The overload of food that most of us have packed into our bodies in the last few days is going to take a little while to make its way through.  A few easy tactics that we can use to bring our bodies back into balance are:

1.  Eat smaller, more frequent meals
2.  Eat low amounts of fat (low fat protein foods)
3.  Eat high fiber and water containing carbohydrates (these are your fruits and vegetables)
4.  Drink a lot of water

Your digestive system can only do so much at one time.  Chances are we have clogged that system a bit.  Keep in mind that the answer is not to stop consuming nutrients all together; we just want to be more calculated.  Use the simple guidelines above (either by applying them to your own food preparation or the Smart and Simple menu for those looking to dine-out) and your body will return to its pre-holiday indulgence functioning before you know it.