A Simple Way to Increase your Metabolism


Eat more frequently while increasing your metabolism.  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  It is scientifically proven, but people seem to ignore or not believe that it is true.  Just think about it for a second, I am telling you that you should be eating at least four if not five times during your day.  Yes, you can eat more often while burning more calories without any extra exercise (just imagine what the combination of regular exercise and eating smaller more frequent meals will do to your metabolism).  You have to forget the motto of eating three square meals a day. 

First, you have to understand the food you eat is what provides you with the energy that your body needs to function.  Your nutrition is what fuels your body.  If you want to function optimally, you need to fuel your body to function optimally.  By eating four to five smaller meals every three to four hours throughout the day, your body receives a steady flow of energy that it can run on. 

The human body is amazingly smart.  If your body knows that it is going to be fed every three to four hours, it can keep your metabolism burning in high gear because it is at most four hours from being refueled.  The complete opposite happens when your body is used to being fed less frequently.  If your body knows that it is not going to be refueled for five or six hours or even longer, it keeps your metabolism on slow to protect against running out of fuel before the next meal. 

If you go really long between meals, your body will actually turn your metabolism as far down as it can and also store as much of the food away for use later.  Storing away energy means one thing, more body fat.  Yuck!  Why does your body do this?  Basically, this is the way that your body protects itself from starvation (the human body has worked this way for thousands of years).

All you need to do is take the normal amount of food that you eat everyday and spread it out over four to five feedings.  This alone will cause your body to burn more calories over the course of a day.  Just remember you are reallocating the same amount of calories that you usually eat throughout the day, not more.

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