Acknowledging Elijah Wood



Thank you Elijah Wood for being so helpful to your friends at Mäni’s on Fairfax.  We really appreciate your helpfulness and friendliness.  Your involvement in our press release  promoting our blog site is greatly appreciated.  By the way all your friends (and family?) that you’ve dined with here have also been really friendly and wonderful.  Even the little toddler seemed to enjoy himself.

Our blog site is important to us since it brings us closer to our customers.  It allows our guests to comment on articles and give us feedback on what people like and what’s not working for them.  For instance, many guests have commented on our new bakery/restaurant colors being too bright, so we’ve re-designed some colors and will be repainting the interior very soon.

  1. Sexy and supportive too… I like it.

    Comment by Rina  on  1/07  at  4:24 pm


  2. i love you so much…and i miss you…@^-^@

    Comment by elits  on  1/08  at  11:33 pm


  3. oOO I knew he like healthier foods. So what exactly did he do to help support…this sound interesting…cause maybe he could do some support toward girls who are Anorexic?

    Comment by Serena  on  1/12  at  4:44 pm


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