Ahead of the Curve


Mäni’s is one of the smaller companies that were far ahead of the trans fat free curve.

A great trend is spreading through the restaurant/food service industry.  Wendy’s, Starbucks, and Kentucky Fried Chicken are some of the big names that have gone “Trans Fat Free.”  What a great idea.  Oh wait; this really isn’t an innovative idea.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining and I think these are all great steps in the right direction.

The big companies are all getting the press for abolishing the use of trans fat in their establishments, but these companies are just reacting to existing market demand.  I am not trying to toot Mäni’s horn or imply that Mäni’s was the first on the scene to not use trans fats, but I do want to give notice to the fact that Mäni’s has been trans fat free for years.  This should not be taken for granted.  Mäni’s was way ahead of the curve on a very important current issue, kudos.

Does it bother anyone else that companies knowingly used trans fat for the last couple of years knowing that it was legislated to be labeled starting at the beginning of this year, but once trans fat became a required listing on nutrition labels it suddenly disappeared from the ingredients?  On top of this, these products are now marketed as trans fat free.  Why weren’t they trans fat free before?

  1. Hey Garrett,

    I just googled trans fats and found these two cool sites. 

    This is a great brochure that explains the new label required on food.

    This site is another cool site to explore:

    And finally there is that post you did a while back on trans fats:

    Comment by Doug Miller  on  1/10  at  12:16 pm


  2. I love that second link that you posted doug.  It still gets me hot that this regulation was passed in 2003, but manufacturers were not required to change their labels until 2006 started.  Does it really take over two years to change nutrition labels?

    Comment by Garrett Cooke  on  1/11  at  11:51 am


  3. Are you tired of reading about Trans Fat?  Then turn up your speakers on your computer and listen to this (click on the link below):

    Kinda cool isnt’s it.

    Comment by Doug Miller  on  1/11  at  12:59 pm