All 3 of us did it yesterday.  Have you done it yet?


imageThis item is awesome.  It is called the Garden Patch and it is on the Smart and Simple 400 Calorie menu.  Larry turned to me yesterday and said, “I should probably order something else, but I really want the Garden Patch again.”  Then later in the day, I was taking a bite of my very own Garden Patch at my desk when Cassie laughed out loud.  I turned to see what was so funny.  She said, “You want to hear something funny.  You, Larry, and I all ate the Garden Patch for lunch today.”  Warmed pita with roasted turkey breast, tomatoes, cucumbers & sprouts, topped with turkey bacon bits & ranch dressing. 

As I was walking out last night with a quart of Minestrone Soup for my 3 year old son who is home sick, Cassie looks at me and says, “Guess what I just ordered to take home for dinner?”