And now presenting…


imageCheck this out!  Chef Jose has created an awesome new pita that is the perfect comfort food for a cool fall meal.  Curl up and enjoy this warmed whole wheat pita bread filled with curly carrots, cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, turkey bacon, cucumbers, green onions & our ranch dressing. 

Are you vegan?  Then ask for the veggie bacon and the vegan ranch dressing!  Yes, you read that correctly, Chef Jose created an absolutely amazing vegan ranch dressing.  I couldn’t even tell it was dairy free.  It is kind of like the vegan soups he creates which change every two weeks.  Isn’t he awesome? 

  1. How do you make curly carrots

    Comment by Linda  on  3/17  at  4:23 pm


  2. Wow! love this food. Kinda yummy!

    Comment by economics essays  on  5/05  at  12:56 am