Apple Butter: With Spice


I grew up, or at least from the age of 10, in a small town in Pennsylvania.  Having lived in Austin, TX, Laramie, WY, and then State College, PA, it was a huge change of pace, scenery and lifestyle.  My mother had grown up in State College, around the same age as me, and then moved away, at the same age I moved away.  So we shared alot of childhood experiences.

One of them being our once or twice monthly trips to Way Fruit Farm.  It’s about a half hour ride into the country, on a curvy road with a few hills that make your stomach drop when you went over the crest.  Year round there are apples.  Seasonally, they have everything else you can imagine.  We would comb the fields in June to pick strawberries. Get cider in the fall.  And every visit, I would look through the jams, and fruit butters, and when i needed it, I would always settle on the Apple Butter.

imageLooking back, its funny that I always picked the jams and spreads that didn’t have sugar, but relied purely on the sweetness of fruit.  I never thought at the time, how that inclination would become so important in my life, now that I am at Mäni’s.

imageI have a great appreciation for small businesses, and the passion they put into their products.  And because it was part of my childhood, I think highly of them.  This Apple Butter is perfect.  It isn’t too sweet, and it is amazing on any toast.  I am sure there are dozens of ways you could use it.  You can find the Apple Butter on our shelves, next to a few other fruit butters and our Maplized Granola.  Maybe you can share your own ideas with us!

  1. Right on man.

    Comment by jerome  on  1/10  at  1:04 pm


  2. Mani is my menu these days because it is just the other day I logged in and found the menu and instructions for making Apple Butter accompanied with spices and I cant lie that was just off the hook. My friend liked every bit courtesy of Mani.

    Comment by Jordan  on  11/17  at  7:35 am


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