Balanced Living 1.6: What Do You Do For A Living


What do you do for a living?  Actually, I don’t really need to know.  But I will say this, a lot of people do want to know.  And alot of the time, it’s almost the first thing that people ask of us.  But what do you really do for a living?

I guess what I am really saying is, what do you do to stay alive, to stay excited, and to bring passion into your life?

I am actually looking for some feedback here.  What I am interested in, is that those who read this can actually share something they do in their own lives that keeps the juice flowing.  The intention is this: there are so many amazing people in the world who do really interesting things, and especially in the world of Mani’s, so let’s share that incredible information and pass it on. 

Just as a little background, I was thinking about this idea with our Graphic Designer over dinner.  We thought, how awesome would it be for people to share these things, especially if it brings new opportunities into our lives? 

And moreover, we are committed that people get the most out of life.  And what better way than to be involved, and at the same time share those experiences, and bring satisfaction and joy to someone else.  I guess most good things come back full circle, so that’s nice too!  And of course, this is one of the most important parts of living a balanced life: PLAYING.

What do I do to stay alive?  I’ll tell you two things: I go to as many classical music concerts at Gehry’s Disney Hall as I can (by buying the $20 seats behind the orchestra), and I also go to Free after Five, at LACMA, where Target picks up the tab everyday the museum is open, after 5PM till closing. 

So, if you want to pass on some experiences, share something you do to stay alive by commenting to this post.

  1. My job in television is very stressful so I have to do a lot to remain balanced and passionate.  I go to yoga classes.  I’m in a book club with a lot of amazing, intelligent women.  I love going to the spa.  But best of all, I love eating with my friends, family, and boyfriend…especially at Mani’s!

    Comment by KC  on  8/01  at  10:46 am


  2. well, the reason i’m into your site is that i love food!  yes that is definitely one big earthly hobby i have!…and music enjoyment like yourself…friendship…what else is there?  and not thinking things are required of me that actually are not!  (:D

    Comment by “jellybeans” is my handle for the net! 🙂  on  8/01  at  1:46 pm


  3. Being in LA, one of my fav things to do is find new tasty places to eat. =) Mani’s is just so good, though, that I keep coming back.

    Rock climbing really helps me focus on physical challenges, which helps since I’m a grad student and sitting around thinking all day isn’t as healthy for you as you may think. wink

    Swing dancing is also a wonderful way to stay active, but enjoy it too! The people are really friendly, so it’s a great way to meet people, and it’s a very clean environment—the dancers want to stay healthy so they can keep doing those groovy moves! Thus, no smoking, drinking, or any other icky habits. Fun, clean, and happy! what more could you ask for?

    Comment by Sophia  on  8/01  at  6:06 pm


  4. Being around my friends who have children is a great way of decompressing from the daily grind, traffic and daily stress of life in the city.  I also find that hiking is a great way to restore the balance in my life.

    Comment by Steve  on  8/02  at  12:17 pm


  5. What do I do to stay alive?  I sing… like right now the song “Staying alive… Staying alive… Aha, Aha, Aha, Aha… Staying alive… Staying alive…” is running through my head.

    The other thing I do is take my 2 amazing sons to Dockweiler State Beach.  It is right under the take off path for LAX.  Jack (3yrs) and Owen (1 yr) love to watch airplanes fly over head. 

    Then we go up to the El Segundo park off Imperial Highway that overlooks LAX.  The formal overlook plaza features telescopes, decorative sidewalks, benches, tables with built-in checkerboards and, most importantly, unobstructed views of planes-all in a comfortable setting.  Way cool for me and my boys to hang out. 

    Oh, by the way, if you are a parent, you can get a free pass from LACMA for your child.  It is called a GENX pass that gets them into the museum at any time with one adult (both for free).  I used to live within walking distance of the museum and loved hanging out and exposing my son (only Jack at that time) to all kinds of cool stuff… 

    The last thing I will share with you all is an amazing spot in the Balboa Park in Van Nuys where there is a remote control airport.  Go check it out on a Saturday or Sunday.  There are amazing airplanes to see.  Some with wing spans over 6 feet, some with actual jet engines that go over 100 miles per hour, and tons of other things to see.  If you want to learn how to fly, let me know and I can hook you up with the club that does training…

    Comment by Doug Miller  on  8/03  at  10:05 am


  6. My passion is a bit different from what the previous posts here have been.  Since I’m fairly stress adverse I’ve created my job to be less stressful than most in similar food service businesses.  So in general my career in developing and building Mäni’s from the small bakery coffee house it was in the 90s to today’s full service restaurant bakery has been fantastic.  I feel very fortunate.  I can definately say I am more passionate now than ever about what were doing here and how our future can be and the amazing people we’re attracting into the Mäni’s team and guests as well.  It’s been very fullfilling.

    I also love to travel.  I started when I was 20 and so far have been to almost 40 different countries.  I love sampling the local cuisine and meeting locals who tell me about their lifestyle in the home country.

    Comment by Larry  on  8/04  at  11:25 am


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