Balanced Living, 1.0


Not too long ago, i found myself getting sick frequently, working too much, and not taking care of myself. 

The result of the neglect was a decline in my health.  I will admit, that Los Angeles can sometimes be inhospitable to those who are sensitive to their environment.  The result of the decline in my health, however, was an ever greater sense of urgency to transform my life. 

Just the other day, i was talking with a customer in the Restaurant at Mani’s.  It was mid-morning, and we were both having our breakfast.  Amidst talk about our personal lives, and recent achievements and struggles, we came to talk about the need for finding balance in life.  This particular customer had just read a book about eating natural foods, avoiding microwaves, drinking organic coffees and teas, and just being aware.

Like most of things in life, the struggle is in the beginning, going from what you are used to, to something you aren’t used to.  Really, its about being comfortable while being uncomfortable.  Get it?

What spawned this idea, was another converstaion with a different customer just hours before.  She was discussing the common struggle of “getting off” of coffee.  Like she said, its about committment.  And it’s about balance.  I personally commit to only having one cup of joe a day, and beyond that I drink a variety of healthy juices, waters and teas (by the way, if you haven’t had the japanese cherry tea, give it a try as it is very high in antioxidants, as is pomegranate juice, which also helps your arteries). 

Anyways, I could never let go of coffee completely, not just because of the taste, but also the fact that in moderation, it can actually be good for you. 

Our conversation was cut short by my need to get back to the front counter and make the magic of Mani’s happen, but we will certainly continue this converstaion…

Carl Avery, General Manager

  1. I’m in total agreement with you Carl.  I’ve been working for the last six months on “cleaning” up my life, by working consciously to take off extra weight, exercising regularly, and eating better.  I get organic produce delivered to my door every couple of weeks by Organic Express at

    I’ve also started a personal blog on weight loss and fitness at  It’s really helped me stay on track and focus on what’s important to stay healthy in this crazy world.

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