Balanced Living, 1.1


I once learned from an organization, that advancing in life, is like learning to ride a bicycle.  Its a major struggle in our development.  We mount, then balance, and peddle, all at the same time, failing for a while because doing it all at once, we think, is nearly impossible.

How can we acheive “everything” in life that we want.  We deem it impossible, because, afterall, we are only human. 

Well, everything can be an overstatement, and all at once is definitely not true.  What we don’t realize, is that we didn’t learn to ride a bicycle all at once.  We first learned how to walk and balance.  Then we learned how to peddle on a tricycle.  Then we combined it all, and gave it a try a few times before we got it.  Then, we got it

The older we get, the more unlikely we are to change things quickly and easily.  We are engrained in our ways.  It’s more of a challenge to say, you know what?  Today I am only going to drink one cup of coffee, and the rest of the day I will drink water, juice and tea. 

However, I dare say that it is actually pretty simple. 

We live life telling ourselves again and again, that we cannot do something.  In reality, it is the voice in our heads telling us we cannot do it which prevents us from doing it.  As I sit here, I watch my father tell me that he doesn’t like to eat candy coated macadamia nuts, because they make him feel down.  After a lengthy conversation, that little voice in his head is saying, “I can’t stop eating candy, I’ve been doing it my whole life”.  Well, what do you expect he does?  He eats more, and feels worse. 

I can’t say I told you so, because that certainly doesn’t help the situation.  But I can say, help yourself be stronger.  Commit to something, and follow through.  If you experience more committment to the little things in life, the bigger ones will come more easily.  It’s ok to tell yourself you can’t, but its even more OK to tell yourself you can, and be empowered by that.

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