Balanced Living 1.3


Balanced Living 1.3

Exercising your right to exercise.  If you say it a couple of times, the word exercise begins to seem slightly alien.  It wasn’t until this very moment I decided to see what the word really means.  Hold on…”An act of employing or putting into play” is the first to pop up, and this somewhere during history, came to define an ”active bodily exertion performed to develop or maintain fitness”. 

So, we are putting into play an act of exertion.  And this act of exertion will provide more benefits than you can imagine. 

Lets get started.  The first thing I want to talk about are the most subconscious benefits.  For me, exercising charges the batteries in my brain.  Exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins are said to make you feel good (although this is still debated), similar to the “runner’s high”.  Plain and simple, a little exercise makes me feel pretty good emotionally. 

The second issue are the health benefits.  Recent research from the Annals of Internal Medicine reports less risk of Alzheimer’s or dementia related diseases when we exercise (1).  Research will continue to speak on the benefits of exercise for our bodies. 

To me, the chain of benefits also includes the following: exercise builds muscles, muscles help keep your body strong, keeping your body strong prevents accidents and strains.  Exercise, I believe, prevents illness in many ways.  Leading a holistic approach to life means involving exercise, and of course eating well and building success and happiness. 

And it also gives you the right to eat things like French toast.  I mention this because French toast isn’t traditionally the healthiest breakfast.  But when you want to splurge, I highly suggest you try our’s at Mäni’s.  Until the 17th, we are offering a more balanced option.  Our French toast is made with a fresh strawberry banana cream cheese filling, and we will be adding on a side of protein (tofu, turkey bacon, or egg) at no charge. 

Good luck with the exercise.  I have said it before, but the beginning is the first challenge, and then comes the commitment.  Find ways to make exercise more enticing, and find a way to commit.  Use an IPod or other listening device and you might find yourself working out faster to the music! 

(1) Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter, March 2006

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