Balanced Living 1.5: Elevate Your Life


This Sunday evening I attended the 2nd Elevate Film Festival.  It’s starts out like this, definition: “To raise to a higher moral or intellectual level, to lift up”.  Fourteen directors, and hundreds of artists, activists, musicians and more, spent just 48 hours, starting Friday morning, to make 14 music videos, narratives and documentaries, by Sunday Morning.

I was extremely inspired by this amazing group of people, which included Lilakoi Moon (Lisa Bonet – Denise Huxtable on the Cosby Show, Enemy of the State), Daryl Hannah, comedian Michael Colyer, and so many other passionate people. 

Lilakoi Moon directed her first documentary, a film called “Waking Compton”.  It’s about a woman who is committed to bringing love to Compton.  Her honesty, and passion for life shine through when she hugs a young man, in a powerful embrace that lasts for what seems like an eternity.  When they pull apart, the young man that she described as being troubled, reached back to hug her more. 

What I got from this experience is huge, and is a recurring theme in my life, and the life of Mäni’s: Community.  All of the films and videos were based on the principal of bringing a community of people to a higher level of consciousness.  For example, elevating the consciousness of the communities of people who see the film “Waking Compton”, as well as elevating the consciousness of those who were somehow involved in the film.  In other words, films that inspire us to arrive at a higher level of relatedness and love. 

For about five hours, I was part of a new community of people who were so passionate about being alive, and participating in something that is really making a difference in the world.  And better, being connected to people who are actively making a difference.

At the end of the evening, they asked us to participate in sharing something that we are committed to making a difference in.  It allowed me to make a connection to something I am passionate about, and make a pledge to do something in that area and make a difference. 

I wrote this: I pledge to make a difference in the way that my expanding community balances their lives in eating, drinking, exercising, working and playing.  Moreover, I am committed that our employees, customers and families get the most out of their lives by having the best experience possible, and the most information to make choices that work for them. 

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