Being ‘Out There’…On Our Mäni’s Blogsite


When we started our blog a couple years back, I didn’t quite get how useful it would be to us and others.  I also didn’t understand the whole ‘blogosphere’ and how we would be a part of it.  But I’m beginning to realize how much information we and other blogsites have been dissemminating. 

Our consultant, Denise Wakeman from Next Level Partnership wrote an article regarding the conversation of being out there in the blogosphere: Building a Better Blog and relating that article to Mäni’s .  Denise has tons of great information on her site about leveraging the internet in your business with lots of tips and how tos.

We even received a wonderful internet review on Pajama Market – Small Business Blog of the Day

So for eveyone who is out there in the blogosphere and everyone who is ‘out there’ in life, I salute you.

  1. Thanks for the “link luv”, Larry!  You guys are doing a great job with your blog and getting information about Mani’s out to your fans and others in the blogosphere.

    Comment by Denise aka The Blog Squad  on  8/22  at  5:27 am


  2. I appreciate your novel idea of having started a bakery outlet, keeping in mind the palate requirements of the health conscious! Kudos to you guys for having created a comprehensive blog that clearly outlines the motive behind Mani’s Bakery Café. Your tips on balanced living, weight management and sensible diet routines are indeed very informative and interesting to read through! Spicy food one can control, but sweets are something most people fall for hook, line and sinker! So, it’s great that you have evolved interesting recipes to ward off those calories, and satisfy the taste buds! I

    Comment by Meenakshi  on  8/29  at  1:51 am


  3. Meenakshi,
    Thank you for taking the time to post your message.  It’s customers like yourself that inspire us to innovate and grow.  We’ll continue looking for delicious ways to create new products that are good and good for you!

    Comment by Larry Maiman  on  8/29  at  7:59 am


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