Caramelized Apple Cake


Some of you may have noticed the absence of one of our most popular vegan cakes from our pastry case. 
The Caramelized Apple Cake has been missing for a couple of weeks and we wanted to let you know why.

As happens from time to time in the natural foods business, the soy cream cheese used for the frosting and filling has been discontinued by the company. 
There aren’t many choices for a non-hydrogenated, sugar free, and vegan cream cheese substitute out there, but we are searching high and low.
We are confident we will find one that will live up to our high standards and make the Caramelized Apple Cake even better than before.

In the mean time, you can still enjoy our famous Carrot Raisin Cake.
And if you haven’t yet tried our amazing, vegan German Chocolate Cake, we can highly recommend it.

We will keep you posted on the status of the Caramelized Apple Cake, and we apologize for the inconvenience.
It will be back!

  1. Is it possible to make it without this ingredient?
    I don’t particularly like cream cheese (soy or otherwise).

    Comment by Steve  on  11/10  at  5:44 pm


  2. Being in Oregon, I have not had the pleasure of this treat.  I was wondering if this recipe is published?  I have one book, but I know it’s not in there.

    Thank you!


    Comment by Kristan  on  12/01  at  11:39 pm


  3. Sorry, we don’t have that published at this time.  So come back to LA! smile

    Comment by Larry Maiman  on  12/04  at  2:34 pm


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