Caution: Wet Paint at Mäni’s on Maple!


We kept some of Mäni’s classic color scheme while reinvigorating it to match the scope and style of the new space. Take a sneak peak of the paint job in progress at 345 N. Maple Drive.

  1. Looking great, so excited for the move! Best of luck, can’t wait to see it in person!!!

    Comment by Zuzu  on  7/26  at  3:22 pm


  2. Hi
    Let me know, in advance, of your grand opening.  I’m anxious to see your new place, from the get-go.

    Comment by john polifronio  on  7/27  at  7:29 pm


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  4. Is someone at Mani’s taking notice of what’s happening on this site?  A glance at the so called “reply” to my post (no. 2, above) will reveal the nonsense.  It’s not that you have some kind of market trading in India, going on on a Mani’s site, it’s that apparently no one seems to be aware of it.  Wake up you guys!

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    Take a sneak peak of the paint job in progress at 345 N. Maple Drive.

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