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Morning Glory Muffins

We love our customers! We have a new blog-only coupon for you, a small token of our appreciation.

Download your coupon.

Come by any day during the week, Monday through Friday for a morning pastry.  Have a coffee or tea and the beverage is on us.  You only pay for the bakery item(s).

Examples of our wonderful bakery goods:  Morning Glory Muffin, organic whole wheat flour fruit filled turnovers, scones, six other kinds of muffins, or anything you want for breakfast, it’s up to you…a piece of cake or a slice of pie, or a cookie, you decide.

Good for single serving item.  6:30 AM to 11:00 AM Monday through Friday –  Mäni’s on Fairfax.

Good until August 31th 2007

Invite your friends to sign up on our blog and they can get free stuff too!

Download your coupon.

  1. I just had the opportunity to try the Morning Glory muffin this morning and it was fabulous. It was a day old (picked it up yesterday) and after 20 secs in the microwave it was excellent, very moist.

    Comment by Denise  on  10/05  at  12:59 pm


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  3. You need to restock your inventory. You are the only source for new parts and I would buy a lot more if you had a full inventory.

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