Customer And Product Spotlight


This is the first story in an occasional series of customers at Mäni’s and their favorite dishes.  Our intent is to publish fun, or amusing or interesting experiences of customers.  These stories are for the most part spontaneous.  Our first story in this new category is about Ruby.  Ruby doesn’t fit our classic demographic, but there’s no question she loves coming to Mäni’s….

Let me introduce you to Ruby.  Apparently her favorite dish is guacamole, not necessarily with chips.  Perhaps the chips take away from the pure flavor of the guacamole.

Ruby licking the plate.  Yes customers are allowed to do that at Mäni’s

Ruby really liked the guacamole and is deciding if she should order one more plate of it..??  It was sooooo goood.

Ruby doesn’t wear make-up, she prefers the look of the food.  It’s very natural, nothing else added, so its perfect at Mäni’s….

  1. This is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen—she should be on the cover of a magazine!!!  her parents must be beautiful also to have made such an angel!

    Comment by Christine Glenn  on  1/13  at  7:20 pm


  2. What a beautiful child!  My family and I are considering coming to Mani’s from San Diego just to meet some beautiful people like Ruby.  Your menu looks great also.  Espescially the guacomole:)

    Comment by Tom Rice  on  1/13  at  8:31 pm


  3. Another star is born in California!!  I think Ruby should be the poster child for Mani’s!  How can anyone not look at this beautiful child and smile!

    If choosing Ruby is an example of Mani’s taste – I’m sure Mani’s food must taste GREAT!!!

    Comment by Michael Fex  on  1/14  at  9:35 pm


  4. Oh my goodness what a beautiful little angel and eating so well at such an early age!  Her parents are clearly doing something right!!!  If only we’d all started eating Mani’s at 9 months or so (and started applying avacado masks to preserve our baby soft skin too!)!  Really, she’s on to something here!  To top it all off, she’s naturally sweet just like Mani’s deserts!  (My favorite…)

    Comment by Juli Robbins  on  1/14  at  10:07 pm


  5. Oh, if we only had a Mani’s near where I live—and we could use lots of those adorable little Rubys. She adds a whole new dimension to the attractiveness of guacamole! I agree with previous comment—you cannot look at that angel without smiling. She just made my day!

    Comment by Bernadette Vitale  on  1/15  at  7:11 am


  6. When we travel we generally look for a good pizza place – but wow, now we plan to run straight to Mani’s – because of Ruby and that angelic face!

    Comment by Tom and Barb Murphy  on  1/15  at  7:32 am


  7. Where is the nearest agent????  A child this beautiful can’t go unnoticed by the public for long.  She must be on to comething at Mani’s….I didn’t like avacados and guacomole until I was well into my….you get the picture!  How proud Mani’s and her parent’s must be.  What an angel!

    Comment by Mary Ann Rice  on  1/15  at  8:37 am


  8. Well, I agree with everyone elses comments about Ruby! What an angel. I will start coming to Mani’s more in hopes of a Ruby sighting. I’ve heard her parents are famous, too!

    Comment by Julie Lancaster  on  1/15  at  8:54 am


  9. what a beautiful child!  When can I get her autograph and what wonderful parents she has, can’t wait until she is on the cover of a famous magazine.

    Comment by sheila rice  on  1/15  at  9:13 am


  10. Azure eyes….beautiful baby !! And a delicious sense of humor I
    suspect(?) Too precious for Hollywood, this Ruby gem! I’m skipping
    Mani’s yummy pancakes and heading straight for some guac- sans
    chips, of course.

    Comment by rebecca boyd  on  1/15  at  9:40 am


  11. Ruby, you are an amazing little girl.  You are so beautiful!! I wish my son would eat healthy food like you.  You are truly a star!!!

    Comment by Elana Clark-Faler  on  1/15  at  2:58 pm


  12. Yum…delicious guacomole – approved by only the toughest critic – a beautiful young delight herself – Ruby!  We will surely visit this hot spot when in Calif.  Do you deliver…to New York?!  Does Ruby’s radiant smile accompany each package?!  Great choice for your first customer story.  Congrats to you, Ruby, and Ruby’s fine parents!!
      Brigid Victorson

    Comment by Brigid Victorson  on  1/15  at  8:34 pm


  13. How beautiful is this child?  Covered in green goo and still looks absolutely adorable?  My God!  This girl’s parents had better get her an agent…and FAST!  She could sell ice cubes to Eskimos with a face like that!

    Comment by Rob Bartlett  on  1/15  at  8:51 pm


  14. If I eat your guacamole, will I look that good?

    Comment by Patti Starbuck  on  1/16  at  5:22 am


  15. Seeing cherubic little Ruby devouring her healthy avacoado is not only precious but let’s this viewer know that Manis’ welcomes and delights in the joy of little angels such as this. Not all restuatnts realize how important this is.  Clearly Ruby’s parents know where to go to allow their child to thrive and be dazzled by simple wonders like avacados. Having lived on the West coast in the past, I will surely visit Mani’s with my children on our next visit to LA.  It can’t be soon enough!  Well done Mani’s.

    Comment by Marian Manning Adams  on  1/16  at  7:05 am


  16. I want to know what else is consider kosher at Mani’s (referring to licking our plates clean) that would be frowned apon at other eating establishments.

    Comment by Garrett Cooke  on  1/16  at  3:21 pm


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  18. if we only had a Mani’s near where I live—and we could use lots of those adorable little Rubys. She adds a whole new dimension to the attractiveness of guacamole! I agree with previous comment—you cannot look at that angel without smiling.
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