Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!



Well, maybe not quite that fast! We are pleased though, to announce that we have installed a new Point of Sale (POS) system at Mäni’s on Fairfax.  The new hardware means you spend much less time waiting in line at the counter.  From better touch screens and faster printers, to faster, secure credit card processing lines, we think you’ll notice a difference the next time you make a purchase at the counter.

Spotlight on Sergio Garcia

In late 2003, we featured Sergio Garcia in one of our first Morsels.  At that time, Sergio had been promoted to Café Team Leader.  Now, nearly two years later we feel it’s appropriate to put the spotlight back on Sergio for those who missed that early Morsel and for those who may be new to Mäni’s.  Last month, Sergio was promoted to the Senior Management Team and after you read his story, you’ll know why everyone at Mäni’s is so proud and honored to have him on the team.

Here’s Sergio’s story, in his own words.

I am from Guatemala. I started to work at Mäni’s when I was 17 years old as a Busser-Dishwasher. I barely spoke English, but as time passed by my English got better and better and here I am, now speaking good English and Spanish.

I have seen all the changes that Mäni’s has gone through, from having a small single page menu to now having a 6 page menu. My priority has always been customer service and I have done everything I can so our costumers are always happy when they leave this place. We can say that I had a lot to do with Mäni’s being a little bakery around the corner to becoming a full service restaurant. I enjoy and love working at Mäni’s so much because all of our costumers are very nice and friendly people.

Now I have become one of the Senior Managers and I will do everything I can to make sure everybody that comes to Mäni’s leaves with a smile on their face.

I would like to thank our costumers for their loyalty and for taking the time to read this mini-bio about me. If there is anything I can do for you when you are at Mäni’s to make you happier, please talk to me.

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