Fiber Challenge



How much dietary fiber do you eat a day?  Do you know how much you should be eating each day?

Current minimum recommendations for adult dietary fiber daily intake are 20-35 grams.  Personally, 35 grams (in my opinion) is what a healthy adult should be shooting for. 

Here is something that most people don’t realize about dietary fiber.  Your body can’t digest dietary fiber, so basically calories that you consume from dietary fiber won’t add to your waistline.

Good Sources of Dietary Fiber:
1.  Whole Grains
2.  Vegetables
3.  Fruits
4.  Legumes

I challenge you this week to tract your dietary fiber intake for a typical day of your life.  How much dietary fiber do you consume in an average day?  If you find your dietary fiber to fall short of 35 grams for you typical day and want to take the challenge another step further, increase your dietary fiber intake to 35 grams for one day this week.  If you took the second step, what foods did you use to get to 35 grams?  What did you learn from this process?

  1. So for the uninitiated, how do we even TRACK the amt of dietary fiber in our daily diets? It can’t just be the weight of the food we’re eating, right?

    Comment by Sophia Tsai  on  1/31  at  9:58 pm


  2. Unless you want to weigh everything that you put into your body, lets estimate your serving sizes for grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables.  After you have estimated your serving sizes, take a look at the nutrional information for your selected foods (check nutrition labels for amount of dietary fiber per serving).  If you have trouble finding information for a certain food, post another comment asking for help.  Thanks Sophia

    Comment by Garrett Cooke  on  2/01  at  2:41 pm


  3. Sophia,
        How did the Fiber Challenge turn out for you?

    Comment by Garrett Cooke  on  2/13  at  5:14 pm


  4. Sadly, I only got to about half my daily serving needs today. I suppose I’ll need to bump up the amount of fiber I consume.

    Comment by Sophia Tsai  on  2/14  at  8:20 pm


  5. Sophia,
    Now you know and knowing is half the battle.  Now it is up to you to decide if it is important enough to take this new found knowledge to use.  Disregard my sounding like GI Joe with my opening line.

    Comment by Garrett Cooke  on  2/15  at  9:10 pm


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