Follow-Up From Sugar or Fruit Juice Sweetened Story


As many of you know I wrote a story entitled: Organic Sugar OR Fruit Juice Sweeetened Desserts…Or Both? a few weeks ago.

Lots of you commented on the story, actually there were 44 comments posted!
And it’s important you know what all your input means to us.

First we are assured that our customers enjoy our desserts made with alternative sweeteners as much as ever.  Then we see that people like choices, and we have choices, as we mentioned previously, many choices in sweeteners and products.

So we will continue to offer quality products made with several different sweeteners, like we’ve been doing for years and years.  18 of them to be exact.

Thanks for all your input.  And in case you haven’t tried everything we make yet, please ask for a sample tasting of any product we have in our bakery cases.  Or even the soup of the day for that matter!

  1. First we are assured that our customers enjoy our desserts made with alternative sweeteners as much as ever

    Comment by jordan kicksn  on  6/18  at  4:27 am


  2. In keeping up with the natural foods industry, and looking for a large appeal, we added a limited amount of organic sugar products, some of which became very popular.

    Now, as you know, the organic food industry has expanded significantly and many new products have entered the market in the last decade.  Gourmet quality organic chocolates now make possible new organic cookies, cakes and more.

    Comment by Elvis Royle  on  8/18  at  5:16 am


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