Fresh Fruit Tarts NOW



It’s the end of summer, a time when fresh fruit is abundant in the Golden State.  Our tarts, made with the freshest summer fruits resting on a light custard, is sweetened with our famous Fruit Juice Reduction.  No sugar in this one.

So come by and indulge in a summer treat.  Due to the nature of the fresh fruit, we cannot guarantee we’re not sold out, but you can check us out, or if you’d like a quantity held for you, place a special order and we’ll have them for you when you want them.  But remember this is only a limited end of summer special.

  1. Fresh fruit tarts are out of this world.  I love the ones that include blueberries. Those are my favorite. We will have to make a trip to your place next time we are in town. Hopefully you will still be serving tarts.

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