Fresh Juices – Our Own Juice Bar!


How about fresh organic Valencia oranges, squeezed to order!  Or fresh pineapple juice, made when you order it.  Or apples, pure and just crushed!
Yes, within two weeks our juice bar will be up and running.  But we need your help.  What are you favorite juices and vegetable drinks?  Tell us and your first one is on us!  That’s right.

Send us your suggestions now.  Then check back at this site next week and download your coupon for a free juice drink.  Just order anything and you can use your coupon for a free juice beverage.  All details will be listed here next week.

And best of all you’ll be able to have your favorite juices made to order right here at Mäni’s on Fairfax.

  1. Fresh ginger makes everything better.  One of my favorite combos is apple/lemon/ginger – can’t get enough of it!  And it’s always good to have wheatgrass.  Oh, and fresh pomegranate juice, if you’re ambitious.  : )

    Comment by amy  on  7/10  at  1:22 pm


  2. Pineaaple & Coconut Juice
    Mango, Passion Fruit

    Comment by Lois Reid  on  7/10  at  1:54 pm


  3. You used to have several acai juice drinks…Can those be brought back?
    But we’re talking fresh here, so I’d love organic red grape juice.
    And various kinds of dark leafy greens, to help us consume more of those.
    And potato juice is supposed to be very good for the skin.

    Comment by Michelle  on  7/10  at  2:19 pm


  4. All the drinks sound good. But please try to make sure that they are organic. Dark green drinks- could include superfoods.

    Comment by Louise Eccard  on  7/10  at  2:53 pm


  5. how about carrot juice with some lemon juice?

    Comment by Liliana  on  7/10  at  7:44 pm


  6. Yes on classics like organic apple,
    carrot, ginger, lemon and wheatgrass.

    Please tell me that Mani’s
    is installing a REAL juice
    bar where juices are extracted,
    not made from concentrates…

    More on the wish list:
    sweet: berries of all kinds,
    young coconut, pomengranate.

    For savory: red, green, lacinto kale,
    garlic and spirulina powder to add

    Thank you for being my FAVORITE
    place to eat!

    Comment by Sushila  on  7/10  at  8:14 pm


  7. For sure this is a real juice bar.  No concentrates here!  Fresh squeezed and fresh pureed only!!

    Comment by Larry Maiman  on  7/10  at  8:37 pm


  8. Watermelon juice, please! Also, a carrot and beat mixture. Peach juice. Cherry juice. Tangerine.

    Comment by Mark Miller  on  7/10  at  8:50 pm


  9. Mango juice, strawberry juice, mixed berry juice all sound good!

    Comment by Alice  on  7/10  at  8:51 pm


  10. Watermelon juice:  Yes!!!!

    Potato juice?  What the heck is that?

    – jt

    Comment by John Trosko  on  7/10  at  9:21 pm


  11. apple/carrot
    green apple
    white nectarine

    Comment by Carolyn  on  7/10  at  10:43 pm


  12. Some other favorites of mine,

    Pineapple + Apple + Watermelon.
    Carrot + Ginger + Apple
    Kiwi + Apple + Cucumber

    Great going Mani’s.

    Comment by VK Narayanan  on  7/11  at  1:31 am


  13. Okay—here’s my secret recipe for an incredibly refreshing drink—cantaloupe and cucumber.  Amazing!  Nothing else.  Just put it directly into the fruit juicer.

    Comment by Steve Gottfried  on  7/11  at  8:13 am


  14. First of all….YIPPEE!!!!  I am so excited.  I have been waiting for you guys to do this.  Fresh juice makes all the difference in the world…

    1.  Carrot and Mixed Greens, please.
    2.  Morning Starter – Carrot, Apple, Orange and Pineapple
    3.  Berries Berries Berries – Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries and Strawberries
    4.  Pomegranate
    5.  Antioxidant Heaven – Pomegranate and Blueberry

    Comment by angela  on  7/11  at  9:09 am


  15. I’ll echo watermelon, cherry (but only if organic), tangerine, white nectarine…
    and spirulina…
    and I’d try potato juice if it’s good for skin!

    Comment by Rene  on  7/11  at  8:03 pm


  16. YAY! This sounds wonderful. Mixed berry juices are very tasty! I’d also request Mango juice and Papaya + Milk. More of a shake, but sooo tasty. ooh! and avocado + milk. Simply tasty!

    Thanks, Mani’s!!

    Comment by Sophia  on  7/11  at  9:00 pm


  17. i agree with angela….there are many tasty options in world of fresh juice…hooray to larry and mani’s for taking another giant leap for healthy living!!

    Comment by mountain man  on  7/11  at  9:47 pm


  18. You should have grapefruit juice!!  Mixed with berries- either strawberries or blueberries would be great.  And the strawberry mint lemonade rocks!

    Comment by Elissa  on  7/12  at  5:29 pm


  19. Raspberries are the most delectable fruit ever.  Anything berry is amazing! I also like smoothies WITHOUT banana added to make it smoother.  (I don’t really like banana much and I think it’s overused in every fruit drink conceivable.)  I much prefer avocado as a thickening agent.—If you’re going to make smoothies that is…

    Comment by Jennifer  on  7/14  at  10:05 am


  20. strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and a splash of lemon (would they go together?)

    Comment by Rod  on  7/18  at  7:22 pm


  21. I can’t seem to find the coupon for the free juice drink….

    Comment by Sophia  on  7/25  at  10:39 am


  22. My favorite juice are pineapple mixed with orange and cranberry.

    Comment by Acai Berry  on  2/07  at  6:23 pm