From Behind the Counter


Hello to the Mäni’s blogging world. My name is Dan and I work at the counter at Mäni’s . I’ve only been working at Mäni’s for about 5 weeks and I’ve also been Stage Managing the Los Angeles Ballet’s production of ‘The Nutcracker.’ I enjoy both because they keep me quite busy.

I’m going to start up my blogging career right here and let everyone in on the life and times of a Mäni’s barista:

I’ve worked every possible shift here at Mäni’s , from the shift beginning at 6am to the closing shift which ends 1am. All of them have there own challenges and perks, but as of yet I’m going to have to vote on the early morning shift as the most rewarding. Besides having to get up at 5:30am, which I don’t recommend for anyone unless absolutely necessary, the shift is very relaxing. There aren’t an overwhelming number of customers and the majority of those that do stop by in the wee morning hours are usually there every day.

It’s very nice to be able to see someone walk up and know exactly what they are going to get and have it ready for them as they walk in. I would advise anyone who isn’t a regular and has the time to stop by in the morning to do so. I recommend the blueberry coffee cake and a vanilla latte.

  1. When word gets out that our customers can buy just just baked products when we open each day, your quiet and relaxing times may get busier. 

    Stay tuned for more info on new baking times at Mäni’s.

    Comment by Larry Maiman  on  1/11  at  5:52 pm


  2. Were you the Michigan fan that was featured a few days ago on this blog?

    Comment by Doug Miller  on  1/12  at  11:42 am


  3. I know how it feels to start your day early in the morning.  My days start between 4:30 and 5:00 AM during the week and just a little later on the weekend.  To me the early morning is the most unbelievable time of day.  I actually recommend being an early bird.

    Comment by Garrett Cooke  on  1/16  at  3:27 pm


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