Fruit Sweeteners, Syrup and Fudge Now Available at Mäni’s on Fairfax


Wax Orchards is a wonderful company located in Washington state that makes natural fruit sweeteners.  These recipes are quite similar to the blends of fruit juice reduction we use at Mäni’s to make many of our desserts and snacks.

In additional we’re carrying syrups and fudge sauces have at home on all kinds of foods.  Come by and check them out.

Wax Orchards was founded in 1920 by August and Johanna Wax.  With origins in fruit farming, the family began processing upscale natural foods in 1981. We pioneered the use of concentrated fruit juices instead of sugar and coined the term “fruit sweetened.”

This led to the production of unique preserves and toppings that filled the niches shown above and brought nationwide attention from the media.

Wax Orchards Fruit Sweet® and Pear Sweet™—natural fruit sweeteners—provide the basis for our entire product line.

Our fruit-sweetened preserves and condiments contain only fruit.  The result is unusually fresh, intense flavors as well as fiber on the nutrition label, unusual in preserves.  The sugars on the nutrition label are the natural sugars in fruit, a complex blend.

The American Diabetes Association featured Wax Orchards products in their “Gift of Hope” holiday catalogues for the eight years that they were printed.

USA TODAY:  “Delicious all-natural fruit butters, toppings, sauces … luxuriously thick and fruity.”

DALLAS TIMES HERALD: “A no-sugar fudge sure to fill our sweet dreams.  Even joggers stop for this one, a hot fudge with no refined sugar in it.”     


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