Get Fresh. Go Green. Drink a Matcha Latte.


We first featured the Match Latte last summer in our Newsletter. The article was titled Mucho Mas…Matcha, and detailed at length the amazing benefits of this green tea drink.

Ahh the wonders of matcha. Little caffeine, and lots of benefits. The nutrients available in matcha cause brain wave activities, which help with relaxation, focus and concentration! Antioxidants & polyphenols also prevent cancer.

Drink hot or cold with skim, whole, soy or vanilla soy milk. It’s wonderfully refreshing!

  1. thanks for the imformation about the matcha, i just had yesterday, my waiter gerri recommended to me with soy and honey, wow! heavenly, i’ll try it next time on iced i’m sure its so refreshing and healthy

    Comment by gerald  on  3/31  at  6:44 pm


  2. Cool stuff, but I prefer tea

    Comment by green tea  on  3/27  at  8:23 pm


  3. Great article.  I do enjoy a good matcha every once in awhile.

    Comment by black tea  on  10/14  at  1:07 pm


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