What makes you think of your Gramma?


imageIt is funny the things that remind me of my Gramma.  Today, I was biting into the NEW Chicken Salad Veronique sandwich on our delicious 9 grain bread and she popped into my mind.  The picture was crystal clear.  It happened every holiday growing up. 

All holiday dinners were hosted at our house.  And every holiday my Gramma would call to ask my mom what she could bring.  Every time my mom would tell her not to bother bringing anything.  And every single holiday my Gramma would show up with a salad.  Well, guess what the Chicken Salad Veronique reminds me of?  That’s right, my Gramma’s salad. 

In the picture above it is served on our 9 grain bread with a side of our Vegetarian Chili.  Here are the details:  NEW! CHICKEN SALAD VERONIQUE Chicken salad made with pulled chicken breast, green grapes, roasted almonds, celery, chives & mayonnaise. 

What reminds you of your grandparents? 

  1. Streudel and schnitzel.  My grandma on my dad’s side made incredible apricot and poppyseed streudel which she packaged in shoeboxes and sent to us.  And my grandma on my mom’s side was from Austria and she loved sweets.  I inherited that.  That’s why I love Mani’s baked goods.

    Comment by Steve  on  11/03  at  9:20 am


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