Ingredient Spotlight – Bell Peppers


Bell peppers (especially red bell peppers) are excellent sources of vitamins A and C.  This time of year, these vitamins are supremely important for warding off cold, flu, and other infection. 

No one wants to be sick over the holidays, so take some preventative measures by grabbing some bell peppers from the vegetable platters at holiday parties and/or indulging at Mani’s with some of our items that feature these nutrition powerhouses.

Mani’s items that feature bell peppers include the Veggie Scramble and Build Your Own Scramble items.  Personally I like bell peppers with almost anything, so if you feel so inclined add them to other choice items

  1. There are lots of vegetables that tend to come and go at the supermarket, depending on the season. But one little, nutrient-packed gem is pretty much impossible to miss year-round: the bell pepper. Little did I know, it turns out that bell peppers are technically fruits! Much like the well-known confusion with tomatoes, bell peppers are classified as vegetables in the culinary world even though they are, botanically-speaking, fruits!

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  2. There’s one thing about bell peppers that I always wanted to know: why are green peppers so much cheaper (usually) than their more brightly-colored cousins? It turns out that, because green bell peppers are essentially under-ripened red peppers, more crops can be grown and harvested year-round. So the colorful peppers are more expensive because they take longer to grow, not just because they’re prettier.

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