Inside Mäni’s before Opening


Ever wonder what it’s like at Mäni’s just before opening?  Who does what?  How do we prepare for our day?  Well here’s a two minute view, the pre-opening morning at Mäni’s on Fairfax.

See Asher moving at lightening speed to get ready to opening at 6:30 am.  What happens when a customer shows up before 6:30?

Well, just click on the link below and get a glimpse of Mäni’s, before it’s even light and see how Asher makes us come alive.

  1. Great video.  You may need to use an external mic so we can hear what the “star” is saying more clearly, in future videos.

    Comment by Denise  on  5/22  at  8:35 am


  2. Denise:
    As usual you are right on.  We’ve already purchased a professional quality directional mic at Samy’s Camera, our good neighbor.  Look for exceptionally good sound quality on our very next video.  Not only will it pick up the person’s voice better, but it will eliminate much of the background noise too.

    Next video is due out next Tuesday, right after Memorial Day.

    Comment by Larry Maiman  on  5/22  at  9:50 am


  3. Wow—I have developed a new respect for Mani’s!  I had no idea it takes this long to get ready.

    I loved the music!  So professional.

    – John

    Comment by John Trosko  on  5/22  at  5:37 pm


  4. Good Job Aaron and Asher!  Can’t wait to see more cool Mani’s videos wink

    Comment by Sarah Buster  on  5/26  at  8:32 pm


  5. I’ve been following the videos & reading other info on your site for awhile now.  The baked goods look so great & I can almost smell the coffee.  Makes me sorry I live in Montreal. Connie

    Comment by Connie S. Rosen  on  5/28  at  9:57 am


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