Just met a customer….


For those who appreciate our barley malt sweetened chocolate and our chocolate chip cookies, stay tuned! 

And as an added benefit to our blog subscribers, just add your name to comments below and you’ll be on our new “free cookie sample” list.  That means if you are one of the first 50 people to sign up below, you get a free cookie as soon as it comes out. But, your name has to be in the comment section of this blog story.  Just click on the Comments link below.

And if Jude, the guy I just met reads this, make sure you add your name to this list!

  1. Just visit your store for the first time the other day and tried the black bottom banana dessert – great!!!

    Comment by Lucy  on  3/24  at  2:30 pm


  2. I am obsessed with the carrot muffins and the dipped cookies.  They are my ultimate craving food. Can’t wait to try the new variety:-)

    Comment by Allyson  on  3/24  at  3:35 pm


  3. There’s nothing quite like munching on a Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookie and realizing… “Hey, I’m eating health food.”  YAY, MANI’S!!!

    Comment by Jude  on  3/24  at  7:13 pm


  4. happy people, happy food,
    happy heart, happy mind,
    happy me…

    Thank you for ten years of comfort, sustenance, and bliss!

    Comment by Aya  on  3/25  at  7:24 am


  5. Tri-weekly occurance: I’m building a model for architecture and Ashley is doing physics homework…(cell phone) ring, ring… ASH! – Hey babe. – Mani’s? – Hell YEA!!!

    as simple as that! dont know what we would do with out ya, haha.

    Comment by Margaret S.  on  3/25  at  12:50 pm


  6. My husband I loooove the chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies as our top favorite. And it’s hard to choose from all the yummy things you offer. That and the raspberry fortress cake!!!

    Comment by Jenny  on  3/25  at  2:30 pm


  7. spinach nest w/lox…
    so many tasty muffins…
    now cookies, oh my!
    (Thanks 2 Mani’s!)

    Comment by Sophia  on  3/25  at  2:31 pm


  8. I heard about Mani’s from a friend who is watching what she eats. I was skeptical at first – figuring that my taste buds were going to suffer if I ventured there. Boy was I wrong! I had such a great lunch there the other day. I even bought some cookies to take home. Mani’s – you guys rock!

    Comment by Annie  on  3/27  at  8:45 am


  9. I come to Mani’s at least once a week for a chocolate dipped barley malt cookie. It is my favorite treat in the whole world!! Thank you!!

    Comment by Anne  on  3/28  at  2:50 pm


  10. It’s a wonderful day for soup, but that cookie looks delicious!

    Comment by Cait Connealy  on  3/28  at  2:53 pm


  11. The eclairs are great!  I am always down to try a new dessert.  Bring ‘em on!

    Comment by vanessa  on  3/28  at  3:03 pm


  12. I am a fan of just about every dessert at Mani’s, so of course I welcome a new cookie with open arms smile

    Comment by Sydney  on  3/28  at  3:32 pm


  13. I’ve been all yours since you opened years and years ago on Fairfax! And cookies are my favorite, so I can hardly wait for your new ones…

    Comment by Michelle Carafano  on  3/28  at  4:05 pm


  14. been coming for over 14 years. still love the heart truffle and the chocolate chip cookie!! keep up the the good work!!

    Comment by Hellena  on  3/28  at  4:08 pm


  15. NEW COOKIES?!! Count me in!

    Comment by Rene  on  3/28  at  4:10 pm


  16. i love mani’s. i drop by almost every morning for a latte and sometimes something sweet. breakfast every saturday too! i love the new zucchini yam muffins! yummm.

    Comment by asc  on  3/28  at  4:21 pm


  17. can’t wait!!

    Comment by Chase  on  3/28  at  8:32 pm


  18. Lemon Raspberry muffins, and VANILLA truffle heart cookies, come on now, Mani, just do it! 
    Did you think we’d ever forget……

    Comment by Audrey Pino  on  3/28  at  10:02 pm


  19. your food is so darn good, I want to eat there every night! Not to mention the p’nut butter chocolate dipped cookies, my goodness. oh and the almond roca cake and the eclairs and any of the cakes.  ok, I have to get some sleep. I bring all my out of town visitors to your place First!

    Comment by Elham Jazab  on  3/29  at  12:56 am


  20. I love ALL of your barley malt and fruit juice sweetened desserts! I have been going to your bakery for several years now, and I am so grateful for its existence! smile Since I moved to Northern California three years ago, I miss being in close proximity to Mani’s, but I make it a point to stop by there whenever I visit L.A.

    Comment by Melinda  on  3/29  at  10:49 am


  21. My birthday cake last year was from Mani’s, so looking forward to another delicious cake takes the sting out of getting older. Can’t wait til next month and a new cake!!

    Comment by Lisa J.  on  3/29  at  1:08 pm


  22. The whole family loves Mani’s!

    Comment by Paul  on  3/29  at  6:25 pm


  23. I love Mani’s.  i am especially addicted to the macaroons – there is no better, chewier, more delicious thing to be found in the vicinity.  I live only a few blocks away, which is delicious!

    Comment by EP  on  3/30  at  9:56 pm


  24. I love your cakes and cookies so much, I brought them up north for my wedding!  The regular cake had plenty left over, but the Raspberry Fortress cake and the surrounding truffle heart cookies were gone in a flash!  I was so happy to have an alternative since I don’t eat refined sugar, and so were my guests!  I live a ways from you, but when I come in, I stock up.  Thanks so much for your awesome healthy bakery!

    Comment by Bryna  on  4/02  at  12:32 pm


  25. cookie, cookie, cookie
    you are great!
    cookie, cookie, cookie
    which is my fate?

    Comment by Justin  on  4/02  at  4:57 pm


  26. I was just looking around on the net for a new
    alternative place to get sweets only mintues from my place that cookie looks good

    Comment by susan  on  4/02  at  6:49 pm


  27. Your desserts are so good!

    Comment by Suzanne Lehfeldt  on  4/04  at  4:33 pm


  28. I’m really impressed with your ever expanding cookie menu.
    Steve Gottfried

    Comment by Steve Gottfried  on  4/07  at  10:01 pm


  29. I’m happy with all your products.  The only thing i’m not happy about is the service.  A lot of times it is very slow and unattentive.  I’ve noticed that during busy nights or days you lack service people.  You are getting more popular, you know.  Without great service what good is your tables and chairs?

    Comment by James  on  4/11  at  1:23 pm


  30. OK, I have the ultimate testimonial, I’m getting my wedding cake from you guys, that’s how much I love your desserts!!! MMM, chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies…can’t..stop…drooling..

    Comment by Poppy Ruud  on  4/14  at  7:28 pm


  31. I finally made my first visit to Mani’s the other day and I’m sold.  Who knew all this was right around the corner?  A menu with inventive variety, hearty foods, and the perfect assortment of sweets! I’ll enjoy trying and savouring each one after I read all about it on my new Mani’s blog subscription.  Thanks!

    Comment by Danielle  on  4/18  at  6:05 pm


  32. ya so i’m pretty much addicted to Mani’s!

    Comment by Aly  on  4/19  at  11:21 pm


  33. i can’t wait to try the new cookie!

    Comment by louise  on  4/20  at  7:15 pm