How to Make Latte Art


Surfing around, we came across a site with the instructions about how to make latte art. If you make lattes at home, this “how to” is for you. You can get some great design ideas from some of the photos we’ve posted.

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  2. Excuse me sir , your latte is ready

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  5. You waited for it, now you got it. On top of my words, you’re also going to see a lot of examples of some really first rate latte art done by some of Coffee Geek’s members. I’m just completely amazed, excited and impressed by what the cronies around here are capable of – serve me a drink anytime folks! You rock, and you show the rest of us that latte art is achievable.

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  6. To give you a further sense of what’s going on – any fly fishers out there? David Sc homer, that maestro of the latte art, likes to compare the art of pouring to casting a line while fly fishing. Dave’s an avid fly fisher, you see, and he says there’s a similar rhythm in casting a fly line and pouring latte art.  You need to have patience when casting the line, letting the line drift back, waiting until it loads the rod before accelerating the line again with the snap of your wrist.  When pouring latte art there is a mimicking of this process swinging the pitcher side to side, waiting for the milk to “load” up in the side of the pitcher before changing direction and swinging it to the other side.  Typically new people oscillate the pitcher back and forth too quickly, trying to rush the process.  The side to side motion needs to be more rhythmical, almost lazy, much like the casting of a fly line.  Be patient and let the milk set the timing of the oscillations.

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  7. My theory is that perhaps my milk is just too frothy. I usually stretch it until 100 degrees, and then sink the steam wand tip an inch beneath the surface to create the whirlpool/toroid until 150-160. When I’m done, the milk has expanded by 50-75%. It looks very top heavy with froth. There are no visible bubbles, and the milk looks very velvety/silky/marshmallow. It even has the pearl-like sheen. But I concede it does not look like the “wet paint” that all the elite latte artists seem to work with.

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