Low Carb or Healthy


This week we heard that the Atkins diet company aka Atkins Nutritionals has filed for bankruptcy protection after losing popularity in the low carb diet category.  It seems like just yesterday everyone would pass on bread, desserts, pasta, etc in order to be on a low carb diet.  Some customers asked us if we would have low carb cookies, cakes and meals.

We respectfully declined to be involved in any regimented diet that didn’t consist of a well balanced diet from all four food groups: protein, carbs, vegetables/fruit and fat.  Because that’s what Mäni’s is all about.  Healthy food, whole grains when possible, less refined ingredients. Carb are important, especially complex carbohydrates.  They give us the energy and stimina we need for our active lifestyles.

In the mid 90s (yes, we’ve been doing what people like for 15 years!) there was a low fat craze.  It was very similar to the low carb fad, but that’s exactly what it was, a fad.  Here at Mäni’s we’ve never been too interested in fads or diets, except for one.  That’s a healthy well balanced diet.  Our foods need to be natural, wholesome and nutritious. 

Often we are asked for nutritional contents, which is understandable.  But since we’re a small from scratch bakery/restaurant we don’t have lab analysis budgets. Our ingredients are always available. And we don’t claim them to be part of any special diet.

So when people want a healthier meal or bakery item, Mäni’s is often the place.  Soon there will be another ‘in’ diet, but we won’t cater to that, but we’ll be here doing what we do best:  Serving up food and baked goods that’s good and good for you.


  1. Dear Larry,
        I read the above POST with great disappointment ~ Low Carb inquiries don’t ALWAYS add up to an ATKIN’S DIETERS.  I was one of those potential customers who wrote to you about CARB COUNTS, as well as, A LOW CARB COOKIE, etc.  You see my son was diagnosed with JUVENILE DIABETE’S
    on March 28,2005 ~ He was only 4 1/2 ~ and we were looking for snack options for him.  I’m sorry that you feel the way that you do concerning LOW CARB ~ It’s the ONLY OPTION to keep my son HEALTHY.
    PLEASE, remove me from your E-Mail Mailing List.
    Thank You For Your Time,

    Robin M. Wayman
    45 Veterans Memorial Dr

    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


    Comment by Robin M. Wayman  on  4/12  at  2:39 pm


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