Mäni’s Gift Assortments


Our holiday gifts will be available to order starting Tuesday, December 5, 2007
You’ll be able to specify an amount to spend, which will determine the size and approximately how many people it will serve.
Or you can select which mini products from our list you’d like.

Our cool assortments start at $50 and include 4 of the following mini Mäni’s products in a clear ribboned cellophane bag:
Choose from:
-chocolate chip cookies
-peanut butter cookies
-triple chocolate brownie bites or walnut brownie bites
-chocolate dipped almond shortbread
-cherry almond scones
-cranberry walnut scones
-raisin scones
-raisin barley scones
-blueberry coffee cake
-apple spice cake
-breakfast loaf – pumpkin cranberry or morning glory
-granola 12 oz bag
-assorted chocolate truffles

Other sizes available:

Questions:  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call 323 938-8800

  1. gift baskets start at 50.00 for four bags. how many muffins or cookies are in each bag?

    Comment by heather  on  12/11  at  7:27 pm


  2. Heather:
    Different items have different counts.  It depends on the item.  Or come by during the day and Kristina or I can assist you further.  But come soon!

    Comment by Larry Maiman  on  12/13  at  5:54 pm


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