Mäni’s on Maple Opens Tomorrow


After all this time, the new Mäni’s on Maple opens tomorrow for breakfast, lunch and dinner….and our new specialty cocktails hand crafted from fresh and organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. 
Our hand picked wines primarily from organic grapes and sustainable vineyards from $31 a bottle.
Come by and bring your Mani’s card.  345 North Maple Drive at Alden.  8AM to 10PM

  1. Certainly worth a trip to Beverly Hills. Excellent dinner menu and the dessert and drinks are “to die for”! Congrats on the new restaurant!

    Comment by Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad  on  10/10  at  5:35 pm


  2. Run, don’t walk, to the new Mani’s on Maple!!!! The space is open and welcoming and the acoustics are fantastic. The drinks and the food are delicious!!! I had the salmon salad and the farrow risotto. – yummmmmmm. This is a keeper – GO!!!

    Comment by Hali Burton  on  10/10  at  6:19 pm


  3. Well, guess our invitation to the party got lost in translation…thanks manis….Nice way to treat a long time customer…

    Comment by E.  on  10/10  at  6:57 pm


  4. E.
    Don’t fret!  We didn’t have the Mani’s party yet, the first two comments above were based on our practice meals!  So imagine when we really open….should be good.
    The Mani’s party we promised you and all our Maniacs will be in a week or so.  We’re just trying to get the kinks out, so we don’t disappoint you.  Watch for our announcement in the next couple days!!

    Comment by Larry Maiman  on  10/10  at  7:44 pm


  5. Wow, the new Mani’s on Maple is worth the drive from anywhere.  The ambiance is so classy as is the food and specialty drinks.  When you go, you must try the Black Cod.  Sooooo delicious.  Hope you get lucky and are able to order the Upside-Down Gingerbread Cake.  I’m still dreaming about it.  Chef David Wolfe has really come up with a winning menu.  Everything is so delicious since we all shared our meals.  I’d love to hear your personal review after you have visited this newest addition to Beverly Hills “must-go-to” restaurant.  Corner of Maple & Alden.

    Comment by Sheila Gershwin  on  10/10  at  8:27 pm


  6. The new Mani’s on Maple is set up to be fabulous. Congratulations. I drove by the other day and took a sneak peek inside the front glass doors. Cannot wait to see the cool stuff you have in store. I’ve already heard about the new drinks and saw the videos on YouTube….they sound delicious…see you this week!


    Comment by John Trosko  on  10/10  at  8:46 pm


  7. Thank goodness! I’ve been too long without cookies!

    Comment by B  on  10/11  at  12:35 am


  8. Please be sure to send me the grand opening date.
    I love Mani’s and enjoy having my office catered throughout the year to my patients and staff by your excellent restaurant!!



    Comment by Kevin Justus, MD  on  10/11  at  9:47 am


  9. Welcome to the neighborhood!  Are you going to be open on weekends or only on weekdays?

    Comment by T  on  10/11  at  10:59 am


  10. Service yesterday was sketchy, and almost everything was wrong, but fixed.

    BUT WOW, the food is amazing.  ceviche with marvelous chunks of fish in a broth that explodes in your mouth.  the veggie chili is stunningly complex in both taste and texture.  and the hummus and tabouli are the perfect blend of tart and pop!


    Comment by joy kurtz  on  10/12  at  11:44 am


  11. T
    We’re opening 7 days a week, breakfast, lunch, dinner, small plates and cocktails.
    Come by say hi!

    Comment by Larry Maiman  on  10/16  at  1:14 pm