Making Lemonade When Life Gives You A Lemon


Well, we got our lemon alright!  We were hit with a maintenance issue that required us to be closed for 3 days.  Since we’re open 18 hours a day 7 days a week, we had to close to take care of a much needed issue.  So we decided to close during our slower days, Monday through Wednesday and re-open on Thursday.  We’re very sorry to have inconveniced our valued guests and certainly our regulars!

So during that time we’ve had an entire company meeting at LACMA in the park and came up with some great ideas from staff to better serve our guests.  As soon as they’re implemented, we’ll let you all know.

imageWe’ve finalized our new color scheme for retail, finalized our new casual shirts for retail team members, shopped for new chairs for the restaurant and more.

So that’s the lemonade we made from the lemon we were dealt.  We also passed out coffee coupons to customers who came by while we were closed.  If you came by and we were closed, just ask us for your complimentary coffee drink, next time you come to visit us for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack.


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