Mäni’s Bakery Café Announces Their Newest Sweet Spot


Hollywood bakery-to-the-stars opens communication to customers with a new blog.

Los Angeles, CA (October, 2005) – Mäni’s Bakery Cafe, an independent eatery that specializes in healthy alternatives to baked goods and cuisine, announced today the launch of their new blog manisblog.com. Dubbed as the Hollywood bakery to the stars, Mäni’s has become famous in the Los Angeles community for being one of the first cafes to integrate organic and less refined ingredients into their baked goods and fare. Much of Mäni’s acclaimed offerings are prepared with organically grown wheat flour and ingredients that retain more nutritional value than what is found in typical baked goods. Mäni’s motto to offer good food that is good for you, has created best selling items such as the Chocolate Truffle Cream Heart Cookie and their famous turkey chili, which has attracted celebs including Kate Beahan and Lucia Rijker.

“Mäni’s blog will serve as a virtual suggestion box, as well as a way to communicate both important and interesting health-related information directly to our clientele,” says founder Larry Maiman. “With healthy eating at the top of everyone’s minds, it is vital that we take another step towards opening a dialogue with our customers.”

Mäni’s Bakery Café, which opened its doors in 1989 and is still at its original location on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, felt a priority to interact with customers – something few in the industry have chosen to do. In addition to offering the most up-to-date information about what the restaurant and bakery are doing to make food healthier, the blog will be an educational format that promises to offer nutritional, lifestyle and health information as well as recommended links to other sites in the industry.


Press information: Larry Maiman
Phone:   323 964-0840 Ext: 10
Email:   .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
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