Mäni’s Morsel:  Gobble Gobble Goodness!


"Next stop, Thanksgiving"- all aboard the Mäni’s train!

Have you read about the current soup schedule?

"Holy Holiday Butternut Squash Bisque." This Thanksgiving week, Mäni’s is bursting with flavor! (Well, we’re always "raining" with flavor, but this week it’s especially true.)

Get a load of our Chef Specials… or a serving.

Of course we’re serving tender Roasted Turkey topped with golden gravy, but that’s not all….

It’s served with a side of caramelized pecans folded on braised brussel sprouts and mashed yams.

If you’re in the mood for a vegetarian feast, you’ll want to order the Roasted Seitan with golden gravy. It’s served with the same sides as our roasted turkey.

Either special is a great way to get grateful fast! (so we’ve been told)

No matter what day of the week it is, you might even add a soup to your order; cause if you haven’t tried our new soups this season, you haven’t lived… they rock!!!

…and from Tuesday through Sunday, the Soup O’ Day is VEGAN!!!

This Thanksgiving- as always- Mäni’s is most thankful for you!!! So don’t be freaked out if we start giving thanks in the middle of your visit!

  1. It’s served with the same sides as our roasted turkey.
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