Mäni’s Morsel: Great Gift Boxes



Well… it’s that time again. It’s hard to believe another Spring, Summer and Fall have come and gone already.

We say that every single year at this time and still, the next Holiday Season comes even faster.

Recently, one of our customers said we should name the Holiday Seasons like we do Hurricanes. The Holidays, like the blizzards that accompany them in certain parts, are like giant storms that take on a life of their own -some years they hit us hard and some years we get lucky and sail right on through.

In fact, some people do evacuate to "safer" ground, but for those of us who don’t have time to leave it’s a good idea to stay close to family and friends. Think of our neighbors… we’re all in this together after all, and they may need some assistance!

Of course, to be fully prepared, you need to stock up on food and drink!!!

So, in the spirit of helping our fellow man, Mäni’s wants to be a part of the solution… and since we can’t offer you cheaper gas prices, we thought Gift Boxes would be the way to go!

This year Mäni’s is offering…

FIVE different Gift Box varieties to meet all your needs. Plenty of people stock up on low quality foods that are often high in sugar and other chemicals and preservatives. However, it’s been proven that these foods are not the best solutions during these times because they leave you tired and weakened, and you’ll need to remain strong and fit in order to make it through the storm.

Mäni’s Gift Boxes are stocked full of wholesome all natural ingredients and we don’t add preservatives, so you know that what you’re eating is a healthier alternative to those traditionally poor excuses for sustenance.

That way, you’ll be thinking on your feet instead of dragging them behind you!

At Mäni’s, we know what you need during this Holiday Storm… uh, Season.

That’s why we’ve created these five different Gift Boxes.

There’s a Gift Box to fill everyone’s needs, and each has a variety of bakery goods as well as something cozy and warm to drink with them; at prices to accommodate every budget!

Check out the list below… we have Wheat Free Gift Boxes and even Vegan Gift Boxes!!!

So, whether your giving a gift, a "care" package, or just stocking up your own home, Mäni’s has the perfect Gift Box for all your Holiday needs.

***We ask that you give us a 24 hour notice on your Gift Box orders. Please call 323-938-8800 to place your order ***

The 3rd Street Sampler
2 Pumpkin Cranberry Loaves ($6)
2 Apple Spice Cakes ($5)
2 – Blueberry Coffee Cakes ($5)
2 Coconut Macaroons ($8)
2 Chocolate Chip Cookies ($3.50)
2 Peanut Butter Cookies ($4)
2 Chocolate Truffle Heart Cookies ($6)
TOTAL – $37.50

The Crescent Heights Wheat Free
4 – Gluten Free Raisin Scone ($10)
4 – Gluten Free Blue Corn Muffin ($9)
4 – Chocolate Dipped Barely Cookies ($9)
1 Bag of Coffee or Tea Canister ($10/$16)
TOTAL – $38/$44

The 6th Street Vegan
2 – Blueberry Oat Bran Loaves ($6)
2 – Chocolate Chip Cookies ($3.50)
2 – Granola Cookies ($4)
1 – Vegan Pie ($20)
1 – Bag of Coffee of Tea Canister ($10/$16)TOTAL – $43.50/$49.50

The Miracle Mile Breakfast
2 Blueberry Coffee Cakes ($5)
4 Apple Spice Cakes ($10)
4 Loaves ($12)
1 Lb. of Granola ($10)
2 Scones ($5)
2 Croissants ($4.50)
1 Bag of Coffee or Tea Canister ($10/$16)
TOTAL – $56.50/$62.50

A Wilshire Holiday
4 Apple Spice Cakes ($10)
2 Pumpkin Cranberry Loaves ($6)
1 Choice of Pie ($20/$25)
6 Peanut Butter Cookies ($12)
6 Chocolate Chip Cookies ($12)
6 Almond Roca Cakes ($12)
4 Truffle Heart Cookies ($12)
4 Chocolate Dipped Macaroons ($9)
1 Choice of Tea – ($16)
TOTAL – $109/$114

Download gift_box_list.doc

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