Mäni’s Morsel: HURRICANE AID- Mäni’s Helping Hand Cookie



At a time characterized by so much global conflict, suffering and radical changes -brought on by seemingly polarized energies and opposing view points, earthquakes, tsunamis and destructive weather it seems a bit trivial to write about some of our fabulous bakery items!

Of course life goes on and we can’t stop living etc. etc. However, We wanted to find a way to combine our daily routine with helping those less fortunate than we are.

With this in mind, and in keeping with our motto: Good food that’s good for you!  Mäni’s is baking Helping Hand Cookies!

In addition to our matching your donations to the American Red Cross, we will give 100% of the Helping Hand Cookie sales to America’s Second Harvest! (A2H)

Our Helping Hand Cookies are $1.00 each and every dollar will be given to "A2H";. Now you have another reason to give yourself a little treat. These cookies are great for freezing too!

Our goal is 2,000 cookies. So, help us, help yourself, and help someone else all at the same time!

The Helping Hand Cookie is our butter cookie. Some of you may know it as the cookie part of our Truffle Heart Cookie.

We use organic unbleached flour and add a little granulated maple, unsalted butter, fruit juice, eggs, some baking soda and a pinch of sea salt in these delicately crispy creations.

So far, we’ve received many compliments on the cookie; usually about the surprise great taste from such a simple cookie.

Others are buying them to give to somebody else… they’re obviously just wanting to contribute to "A2H".

For those who might be interested in the number of HANDS sold, we’ll be updating the amount periodically…. so far150.  Thanks everyone!!!

  1. What kind of cookie is the Helping Hand?  What are the ingredients?

    Comment by Denise Wakeman  on  9/07  at  8:13 pm


  2. Denise, thanks for your great question about the Helping Hand Cookie. We’ve added some more information to the Morsel. We thought everyone should know this info. Thanks again… keep in touch.

    Comment by Noah York  on  9/08  at  4:45 pm