Mäni’s Morsel: Newest Holiday Desserts and Drinks



This Holiday Season there are a lot of new changes and additions to Mäni’s.

Although, experiencing our new atmosphere is reason enough to spend some time relaxing with us. It’s not just about Mäni’s recent interior changes like new paint colors, new light fixtures, new tables and chairs.

It’s about Mäni’s newest bakery items and holiday drinks together with our new dining room that will make this holiday season at Mäni’s unlike any in the past! Check this out…

First of all, the Mäni’s original Faux Nut has returned in four flavors: Coconut, Pecan, Graham, and Chocolate. Back story on Faux Nuts.

Our newest muffin flavors are Yam Zucchini- sweetened with fruit juice reduction- and also Blue Corn- which is gluten free, made with brown rice flour and blue corn meal,  and lightly sweetened with fruit juice reduction.

We’ve also baked up a Chewy Ginger Snap; sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice and agave syrup! Read why Agave is great!

To wet your whistle while enjoying these tasty "goodies", we’ve got a great holiday beverage line up for you to choose from.

In addition to the traditional coffee drinks, we’re offering 3 new latte flavors that will get you in the mood… the holiday mood of course! Put a bit of zing in your step with a Pumpkin Spice, Gingerbread, or Egg Nog LATTE!!! They’re all three very good!

What holiday festivities are complete without some hot cider? If your life needs a pinch of spice, try Mäni’s Hot Cider; our recipe is sure to please you.

For all you hot chocolate addicts out there one of the hottest tastes this winter season will be Mäni’s homemade Barley Malt sweetened Hot Chocolate with cinnamon… your choice of soy, regular or non fat milk. You don’t want to miss this shot of love!

If you haven’t been in recently, you’ve missed out on a few improvements… so come in and experience our new vibe and chill out with some hot new items!!!

  1. Hi Noah!  Why don’t you take a few digital pictures so we can see the changes—for those of us who can’t make it in at the moment.  I’d love to see it! —John

    Comment by John Trosko  on  11/16  at  3:20 pm


  2. Do you have calorie and serving size info for the new muffins?

    Comment by Anne  on  11/16  at  6:02 pm


  3. At this time we do not have calorie and size info available for our products.  Of course you may request the ingredient list on any item.

    Comment by Larry  on  11/17  at  5:52 pm


  4. John, You’re one step ahead of us!  We still have a few finishing touches to make on the interior before we start snapping our cameras…  Stay tuned!

    Comment by Larry  on  11/17  at  6:00 pm


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