Mäni’s Morsel: “Simple as Pie!”



Yes, it’s that time of year again.  The days grow shorter and cooler; and soups, stews and warm, cozy foods become just a little bit more attractive.

With the beginning of Fall, a few weeks ago, Mäni’s introduced our new line of soups; and the weather very kindly gave us a couple of overcast "snugly" days to set the right tone.

image Well once again the weather provides us with the perfect mood corresponding with the return of Pumpkin Yam Pie season at Mäni’s.

Now some are sure to think we have a kind of "pact" with Mother Nature… we assure you we don’t!

But one thing is for sure. Whether it’s good karma or serendipity or just a coincidence, it’s definitely in the air… it’s pie season at Mäni’s!

Just open up your window and smell it in the air -or better yet, come to Mäni’s window and smell it in the air!

Pies are not too complicated. The ingredients list is short and simple; a little bit of pastry and a lot of fruit! You don’t need to add lots of sweetener.

imageMäni’s even manages to make a mean Pecan Pie, using slower metabolizing barley malt and agave sweeteners, that holds it’s own next to any traditional recipe.

If your not familiar with our great tasting real fruit pies, we bake a variety of choices from Peach, Antique Cherry, Very Berry and an Apple Maple Streusel to a Double Crust Apple Blueberry. imageDon’t forget about our Wheat Free Apple and Wheat Free Peach Cranberry Pies. They’re all yummy!

And now ladies and gentlemen: the star of the fall season pie line up, please give a "warm" welcome to… Mäni’s Pumpkin Yam Pie! "Ta Daaa!"

This holiday-staple-starlet is made of pure pumpkin and fresh roasted yams. She’s packed with beta-carotene and other antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and some super cool trace elements like zinc and selenium. She’s even a nice source of calcium! Need we say more?

So call your friends, get your rain gear on and get over to Mäni’s now! Have a warm cup of "cozy" and a slice of warmed pie. "It’s good and good for you"… simple as pie!

For more nutritional information on yams read this article from the June "Morsel Archives." 

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  4. Many of you may have heard that Mäni’s no longer sells wholesale to stores like Mothers Markets and Whole Foods.  While we regret many of our customers no longer have the convenience of buying our products at these fine stores, it has now allowed us to change our production and baking times to better suit our customers here on Fairfax.

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