Mäni’s Morsel: “Soup Lines at Mäni’s ”


If the weather today is any indication of what’s to come, it’s apparent that Fall has "fallen" upon us.

For the most part, the customers in Mäni’s today actually enjoyed the change of atmosphere the thunder, lightening and rain brought us. Many could be seen sipping lattes and reading their books "du jour".

Though there were a few die hard Summer lovers who may have been a bit disturbed by the slight chill in the air, soup sales were high; indicating the majority of guests were all too happy to go-with-the-flow and welcome the chance to snuggle into a warm, cozy meal.

image Puree of Asparagus(pictured), the soup of the day, was flavorful, full bodied and garnished with tasty grilled asparagusAsparagus fans loved it!

If you weren’t in today, don’t worry, Mäni’s has a new Fall soup line-up scheduled to begin on September 26th.

Wait ’til you get a whiff of these "Awesome Autumn Additions"!

Mäni’s will have a 2 week schedule for soups, and not only wishes but encourages our customers to voice their opinions; whether positive or negative!

Comments can be logged on this blog site or written on Customer Comment Cards available at Mäni’s. The soups that are the most liked/popular will come back more often.

And here they are…

Due to popularity, Monday will remain "Chicken Noodle Soup" day. Our version of this classic "healer" is full of all the traditional veggies- onions, garlic, celery, carrots, and potatoes -and is sprinkled with fresh chives.

On Tuesdays you’ll find a "Yummy Yellow Corn Bisque" on the menu garnished with roasted fresh corn.

Wednesday offers you a new version of our "Tasty Tomato Lentil"soup, with zucchini and cauliflower.

If you like "Carrot and Ginger" soup, you’ll be coming on Thursdays. We start with the freshest carrots and ginger and top it off with Parsley Oil.

To kick off the start of the weekend, how ’bout a festive "Tortilla Soup"? This slightly spicy dish has tomatoes, cilantro and a hint of jalapeno and is garnished with Tortilla stripsuh huh, it’s good!

Saturdays will be the day for that amazing "Asparagus Puree"… and those grilled asparagus spears are "to die for", you’ll see.

On Sundays, our "Black Bean Soup" rules! It’s topped with a Jalapeno Cream Saucetasting is believing!!!

Speaking of Jalapeno Cream Sauce, none of our "cream" soups are dairy! Instead we use soy.

In fact, all our soups are Vegan (no ingredients from animals) and are made with a very good vegetable stock that we make from vegetables right here in our kitchen.

Well, all are vegan except for Monday’s Chicken Noodle Soup… the truth is, those "vegan chickens" are just too expensive!


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