Mäni’s Morsel: Thanksgiving Gift Baskets



This Thanksgiving Holiday Season give a gorgeous Mäni’s Gift Basket that’s sure to bring a lot of thanks!!!

Whether you’re invited to Thanksgiving Dinner, going to a party, you want to say thank you, or just feel like giving; during November, a wonderful way to warm up hearts is with a Mäni’s Gift Basket.

From now through Thanksgiving Mäni’s will offer two Gift Basket choices to delight your tummies.

Thanksgiving_gift_baskets_001 "The Fairfax Special" includes our popular seasonal Pumpkin Yam Pie, Apple Spice Cakes, Almond Roca Cakes, Chocolate Cream Truffle Heart Cookies and a canister of Velvet Tea. ($50)

"The Miracle Mile" includes a Pumpkin Yam Pie, a Pecan Pie, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies, Assorted Mani’s Truffles and a canister of Velvet Tea. ($85)

Both Mäni’s Gift Baskets are available as Vegan, so everyone can enjoy these wholesome holiday standards.

Some of you may remember how popular our baskets are. Often we have many orders to fill on any given day. We bake our Gift Basket "goodies" to order and therefore ask that you give us 3 days to fill your basket orders. This system not only guarantees the freshest baskets, it also insures your basket items are in stock on the date of pick up.  Mäni’s makes Gift Baskets on the date of pick up, per order. We don’t make extras, days in advance, because we want the best quality and freshness of our products.

If you haven’t sampled our seasonal baskets in the past, don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed, everybody loves Mäni’s Gift Baskets… we know ’cause people call us all year long asking for them!!! That makes us smile!

It’s another way we know we’re living up to our simple motto: "Good Food That’s Good For You."

Call us at 323-938-8800 to place your order today!

  1. Hi There,

    I was wondering if on Mani’s Morsels, you could cover the topic of why fruit juice sweetened treats are better for you.

    I was also wondering if you guys would ever make non-wheat gluten pastries with rice flour instead of oat flour for those of us who don’t digest oat flour well either.

    Thanks so much!


    Comment by Natasha  on  11/09  at  10:28 am


  2. Your Thanksgiving baskets are just sweets. Why don’t you make one up that is like a meal (i.e., soup, rolls, dessert)? That’s what I’m looking for. (No cooking for me on Thanksgiving)

    Comment by Judi  on  11/11  at  7:37 am


  3. Judi:  Although we don’t have a basket per se of our food items, give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss a meal for you with your preferences.  323 938-8800

    Comment by Larry  on  11/17  at  5:58 pm


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