Mäni’s Morsels:  BITTER WATER” or “FOOD of the GODS”?


… A History of Chocolate Part I

The scientific name for the Cacao tree is “Theobroma Cacao”-Greek for “food of the gods”. The Mayans revered the trees’ ground up beans as a “divine elixir” as long ago as 600 A.D., only they called it “xocolatl” which meant bitter water. Xocolatl was a simple drink made by the combining of pulverized cocoa beans with water and hot chilies.

In the 16th century the Aztec Emperor Montezuma considered it a divine drink that built up resistance and fought fatigue, and just one cup would enable a man to walk all day without food. So it comes as no surprise that he was said to drink it before visiting his harem since it was also used to increase virility in men! However the Aztec recipe was described as ‘finely ground, soft, foamy, reddish, bitter with chili water, aromatic flowers, vanilla, and wild bee honey, – a bit more palatable than the Mayan version!

imageSpeaking of more palatable… imagine the look on Montezuma’s’ face after sampling the Mäni’s Chocolate Truffle Brick… sweetened with fruit juice concentrate, this cake is pure perfection for chocolate lovers. The base cake layer is our fruit juice sweetened japonaise almond topped with three layers of seriously dark chocolate cake; sandwiched between our rich barley malt sweetened chocolate truffle cream. To finish the job, the Brick is covered with our chocolate truffle cream frosting and garnished with a dark chocolate curl. —That ought to blow some feathers out of “Monty’s” headdress!!!

At Mäni’s we sweeten our real chocolate with barley malt, there’s no milk or sugar added. Barley Malt metabolizes into the blood more slowly than processed sugar, preventing the resulting “shock” to the system, leaving the flavonoids of the chocolate to work their good in your body. So, if you’re feeling the need to get in touch with your more spiritual side; or just want something to blow you away, stop by Mäni’s for some “Food of the Gods”!

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