Mäni’s Morsels: History of Chocolate Part II



When the Spanish invaded Mexico in the 16th century, the Aztecs thought Cortes, arriving from the east, was their savior "Quetzalcoatl" and promptly offered him a cup of their beloved ‘xocolatl’ drink.

After thanking the awestruck Aztecs, the Spanish promptly conquered them and returned to Spain with the wonderful treasure where it was kept a secret for almost 100 years.

Eventually Spain’s power declined and an Italian traveler, Antonio Carletti, discovered Spain’s best kept chocolate secret and brought it to other parts of Europe. But the drink that would one day be consumed by children all over the globe splashed onto the scene with a lot of controversy.

The French were skeptical and considered chocolate a poisonous DRUG!!! (seems like every era has its "Prohibition"… "Just say NO!") Finally, the Paris faculty of medicine approved it. But as with all expensive "drugs" it was reserved for the elite until the French Queen, Anne of Austria, and a former Spanish Princess now wife of Louis XIII simply declared it as the drink of France. "VOILA"… log on next week for the conclusion of our story!

So, for those of you familiar with a previous Morsel "CUCKOO for COCOA",  dark chocolate is high in the type of antioxidants called Polyphenols found in a variety of foods including tea and red wine. At Mani’s we’re committed to using quality, natural, less-refined ingredients to provide healthier versions of traditional foods and we sweeten our real chocolate with barley malt. 

We also have a variety of choices for healthier chocolate, so our customers can satisfy their cravings without damaging their nutrition. For example, in lieu of one of our more serious chocolate items, customers might choose one of our flavorful cookies half dipped in our rich dark chocolate. Dipped cookie choices include chocolate chip, peanut butter, almond shortbread, coconut macaroon, and barley. They’re a great way to get your chocolate "fix", without getting overly full. Come in to Mani’s today, we love to give samples!!!