From it’s earliest beginnings as the "heavenly drink" the Mayans knew as "the food of the gods", and nearly a hundred years as Spains’ Top Secret recipe – guarded by monks, to it’s status in the 17th century as an evil poisonous drug only the elite could afford, chocolate continues to enjoy an association with divine-decadence.

It is thought that an unnamed Frenchman opened the first chocolate house in London in 1657. By the 1700’s chocolate houses were as common as Starbucks is today. Though Charles II tried to suppress these establishments he considered "hotbeds of sedition", the powerful chocolate "narcotic" held it’s ground, eventually gaining respect.

It’s interesting to note that M.Daniel Peter had the idea to add milk to chocolate to make it smoother; but because the water in milk caused the chocolate to separate and fall apart, he had trouble. It took 8 years of trying and failing before Peter took his product to his friend and neighbor Henri Nestle; a pharmacist and maker of condensed milk. Together they had the idea to mix sweetened condensed milk and cocoa powder. Peter formed a company called Peter, Cailler, Kohler that for three decades manufactured milk chocolate with the milk supplied by Nestle. However, in a 1929 merger, Nestle acquired Peter, Cailler, Kohler and so began a new name in chocolate.

In the years following its journey from heaven into hell and back again, men in many countries, including the United States, invented new machines and processing that lowered costs, making chocolate more affordable thus bringing it to the masses. Men with names like Cadbury, Van Houten, Peter, Hershey, Ghirardelli, Lindt and others, all with one goal… To bring the food of the gods to the world.

You owe it to yourself and these men to savor some today! (no pressure) From Mäni’s rich chocolate cakes and truffles, and chocolate dipped cookies as well as our deliciously satisfying chocolate truffle cream cupcake, to our tasty chocolate eclairs and fresh chocolate croissants; all are made with Manis barley malt-sweetened real chocolate… it’s a healthy way to be bad… ooooohhh!


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  2. There will be about 75 kids there, ages 12-14. How much chocolate do I need to keep it flowing for a 3-4 hour party? Also, what kind of chocolate should I buy? The instructions say that Belgain chocolate is the best but I live in a very rural area and can’t find it out here. Milk chocolate or semi-sweet, maybe?

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