Mäni’s Morsel:SWEET CONTRADICTIONS- what to believe?


imageWith all the controversy surrounding sweeteners lately, especially artificial ones, it’s difficult to know what to believe! Surfing the internet waves you’ll be amazed by all the contradictory information.

Studies that show the negative side effects of artificial sweeteners for example are balanced by studies that say that no serious negative side effects have ever been proven in humans.

So, how are we to know the truth?

imagePerhaps the best way to decide for yourself starts by asking the question "what would be the reason for using artificial sweeteners?".

Some of the answers to this question might include that artificial sweeteners have no calories and don’t cause the dramatic spike in blood sugar levels associated with refined sugar.

TRUE. At what cost? Aah, there’s the problem! We can’t really know. Whichever side you choose to believe, you’re still left trusting the information you read.

What if we don’t need to just believe our sources?

What if we stick to what we do know. We know that refined sugar can still be called natural, even though it’s been seriously processed. Refined sugar has calories and causes a blood sugar "spike" that is followed by a "crash" and is therefore undesirable for most people. We also know that due to the process of refining sugar, any nutrients once present have been destroyed.

Most of us also know that there are alternative natural sweeteners out there. But what do we know about them?

Sugar_caneWe know they are natural. We know that they are less processed and closer to nature. Many have retained their vitamins and minerals.

For example, organic evaporated cane juice is the same sugar cane juice used to make refined table sugar, but in it’s whole, more natural state. Only the water is removed. As a whole food it not only still retains it’s vitamins and minerals but retains it’s natural balance of sucrose, glucose, and fructose instead of being straight sucrose.

Barley malt syrup is considered to be one of the healthiest sweeteners in the natural food industry(says Debra Lynn Dadd of SweetSavvy. com), since it is produced from a whole food source- sprouted barley. Barley malt syrup metabolizes slowly in the body giving it a lower "Glycemic Index" or "GI".

Most studies agree that while natural sugars are metabolised like refined sugar, they enter the blood more slowly decreasing the spike/crash effect!

So, which would you feel safer putting into your body? Something artificial whose only guarantee is that it has no calories, or a natural sweetener that has some calories?

For many Mäni’s customers the choice is simple… go with the sure thing, stick to what we can know and cut calories somewhere else in your food intake!

If you are interested in reading more about natural sweeteners check out www.sweetsavvy.com.

We at Mäni’s believe it’s the quality of the food and wholesome goodness of the ingredients that makes us a popular destination not only for Angelenos, but for out of town visitors alike.

Cultivatingblueagave By offering a choice of sweeteners including fruit juice reduction, organic evaporated cane juice, agave syrup and more, we provide healthier versions of traditional bakery foods for the health conscious connoisseur.

  1. This article is really helpful since i’m a diabetic (II).  Thanks for the insight.  That’s why Mani’s is my favourite hang-out.

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  2. I found your information very enlightening. I am a baker. However at this time most of my bvaking for other people consist of white sugar. I prefer the more natural sugars. I would like to try more brown rice syrup in various recipes. May I could have somethis shipped to Philly. It would be nice to get a recipe, of course not an item that you sell in your bakery. I look forward to trying out your baked goods.

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