Manis Morsel:“Weally” Wonderful Weddings



The probability that Weddings are and have always been catalysts in exposing differing points of view – in terms of style, cultural tradition and religion, to name just a few examples – is great.

imageEveryone seems to have an opinion about how the "perfect wedding" looks. Ask 100 people to describe the ideal wedding and you’ll get as many versions.

imageThe Wedding is an archetypal rite of passage, at once both a universal yet deeply personal one. It can signify the power love has to bring together, join energies, create new love and new life. It’s an affirmation of our continuing belief in loves’ ability to conquer all, even death.<br clear="all"

(see more photos.)

imageIt’s no wonder that a ceremony of such symbolic importance would touch us at a particularly deep level of our emotional base. In this way a wedding is a universal archetype. The personal expression of this archetypal rite of passage is becoming more and more prevelent, understood and accepted as time goes on.

imageToday, many couples view a wedding as a chance to share their love with their invited guests. Through various choices such as location, wedding attire, colors, music and songs, readings or poetry, flowers, the choice of wedding cake, or the omission of any of these, couples can create an intimate atmosphere that reveals a bit of who they are individually and as a pair.

imageWith this in mind, we at Manis are often called upon to help in the creative process of designing  a wedding cake that will achieve just that! We realize the importance of creating a cake that is not only organic in its ingredients but in it’s expression of who you are!

imageWhether you want to go for an avant garde look or a more traditional design, we want you to have the cake you dream of, in the healthiest way possible!

imageCall us to schedule a consultation. You can bring photos of your own, look through ours and sample different organic cakes, frostings and fillings.

imageIf you see it, we can create the healthiest version of it that will not only suite your taste, but TASTE great!

(For more photos see Manis Morsel "Spotlight on Pastry")

  1. Through various choices such as location, wedding attire, colors, music and songs, readings or poetry, flowers, the choice of wedding cake.
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  2. Special wedding garments are often worn, and the ceremony is followed by a wedding reception. Music, poetry, prayers or readings from Scripture or literature is also incorporated into the ceremony.

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