Mäni’s Oscar Contest Results Are In


There was a stunning upset at the Academy Awards presentations last night.  Crash was the upset winner of Best Picture, beating the favorite to win, Brokeback Mountain. Regardless of how you feel about either movie, most people predicted that Brokeback would take the prize.

Where does that leave the Mäni’s Oscar contest?

We had 49 voters.  No one got a clean sweep.

11 voters missed only one…they voted for Brokeback Mountain as the Best Picture.  In every other category they predicted the winners correctly.  There’s an article in today’s L.A. Times by Kenneth Turan, explaining why he thinks Crash beat Brokeback Mountain.

  1. Nobody won?  Surprise, surprise!

    Why is it that when a movie wins over an other it is an upset?

    Both movies were valid and important.  Crash dealt with the issues of broader groups of people.  No matter what race, ethnicity or religion; you could relate to an aspect of the film.

    I personally don’t think it’s an “upset”. 

    What’s upsetting is nobody got their $5 gift card. Shucks!

    Comment by Sade  on  3/06  at  6:27 pm


  2. “Upset” is used to describe the win of “Crash” due to the fact that popular opinion supported the notion the “Brokeback Mountain” would win.  In no way does imply that we think one movie is better or more deserving than the other.  Both are excellent movies.  Only one can win.  That’s the nature of a contest.  That’s what makes it fun to play!

    Comment by Denise Wakeman  on  3/08  at  11:14 am


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