Which is your favorite pie?


imageWhich pie do you desire?  The Antique Cherry, Apple Maple Streusel, Apple, Peach Cranberry, Peach Crumble, Pecan, Strawberry Rhubarb, or Very Berry Crumble?  It is summer time which means it is pie time.  Keep our pies in mind when you are heading to your next summer picnic. 

Here is the deal. 

The idea was to write this really engaging and captivating post about our pies.  After all it is summer time and a perfect time for pie.  You know, with all the picnics and parties pies are perfect.  So, I sat down to write and immediately got writer’s block.  Arg!! 

This is what has come out so far: 
We have all these amazing pies.  They are sweetened with our fruit juice reduction.  Some are vegan and others are wheat free. 

Please help me out!  PLEASE?  What do you think about our pies?  (Write your comment below in the white space and click on Submit.)

Thank you for your help.  I appreciate it.

  1. My favorite Mani’s pie is the Strawberry rhubarb for its tart sweetness.  It’s a signature Mani’s healthy indulgence that makes you feel good about being bad.

    Comment by Steve Gottfried  on  7/20  at  1:11 pm


  2. What’s your favorit pie, Doug?  That always makes a good post. What is it and why? 

    Personally, I’m not big on pies, but the Pecan has always been a favorite of mine.  The alternative sweetners mean that it doesn’t have the cloying sugary sweetness of most pecan pies, yet I get the pleasure of intense sweetness and the delightful indulgence of pecans.

    Comment by Denise Wakeman  on  7/21  at  5:39 am


  3. The writing juice is now flowing…

    I grew up outside of Cleveland, Ohio on 1 1/2 acres of land that backed up into a ravine with a creek running through it.  It was an amazing plot of land to discover the world through as a child.  In our back yard we had a vegetable garden.  Guess what we grew in our garden. 

    Yep, you guessed it.  We grew rhubarb.  Now the funny thing is that my parents put the fear of God into us about it being poisonous.  So, my brother and I would steal away, strip the outside part of the stalk off (which was supposedly poisonous) chew and suck on the rhubarb.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

    Then we would sit around and stare at each other waiting to see if either one of us would die!  Don’t we do the craziest things as kids? 

    Anyway, it is images of hot summers in Cleveland with high humidity and playing in the creek that come to mind when I hear the word “rhubarb.” 

    What do you think of?

    Comment by Doug Miller  on  7/21  at  1:38 pm


  4. Nothing can beat a piping hot slab of apple pie with crumb topping and a big splot of french vanilla ice cream.  It’s best if the apples were picked right that day-just as the sun kissed them- and then peeled, sliced, and loved with cinnamon and a tocuh of lemon before piling into a fresh, buttery crust and them blanketed in fresh cinnamon, brown sugar and crumbs.

    Out of vanilla ice cream?  Well, a good slice of fabulous English Cheddar cheese, the sharper the better, can go a long way to remedy the oversight.

    I prefer my pie in the late evening, something about a hunk o pie in under the stars..

    Comment by Diana  on  7/21  at  4:14 pm